Curious Experiences by Mail | The Mysterious Package Company

We tell stories you can touch.


A Unique Gift

Provide the ultimate gift for a loved one: a customized experience that makes them the hero of a mystery.

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A Treat for Yourself

Give yourself a mystery to call your own with our Omakase offerings, or with a subscription to our mysteries by mail.

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A Mysterious Community

Our organization is members-only, and we strive to create connections between our members. Membership is 100% free.

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  • Documentation

    Photographs and Documentation

    Our stories are told in pieces of supporting documentation: telegrams from unknown relatives, diary pages, newspaper articles, photographs of anachronisms, ancient scrolls and more all reveal a story in which the recipient is a vital piece.

  • Crate

    A Strange and Beautiful Crate

    All our packages culminate in a handmade crate, crafted out of reclaimed wood, aged, painted, and then nailed shut.

    They are not easy to open, requiring a tool to pry apart, which simply adds to the intrigue. Getting into the crate is a pivotal moment in the experience.

  • Artifact

    A Custom-Made Artifact

    Within the crate is the Artifact, a bespoke art piece revealed at the climax of the story. Every piece is lovingly created and no two are alike. Artifacts are developed using a variety of techniques and materials, including handmade sculpture finished with cold cast bronze, interactive trinkets, and in some cases, CNC machined bronze.

  • Experience

    The Experience Is The Gift

    Our packages are designed to create a lasting memory, with the artifact as a touchstone to spark conversation, storytelling and delight. Whether the experience was a single package, received one cold fall afternoon, or many mailings that lasted several months, it will be lovingly remembered as the strangest and most wonderful gift ever received.

The Mysterious Package Company is a bespoke gift company specializing in unannounced deliveries of a strange and otherworldly nature, acting as narrators of past century archaeological esoterica with an occult twist.

We provide unique and custom-made gifts delivered by mail, wrapped in a hand-crafted experience unlike any other. Custom made crates, letters and telegrams from long-lost relatives, and seemingly innocuous newspaper clippings add a richness to the curious goods contained within. Each experience is uniquely tailored to each person, and no two packages are alike.

We are a members-only service, in order to put a barrier between the person sending the package and the person who receives it. Membership is free, but you must fill in our application form in order to be considered as a member. We are more than simply a way to send packages, we are a community of like-minded people who believe that life needs to be less mundane.

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