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Purveyors of strange and unannounced deliveries, designed to intrigue, befuddle, and delight.

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It chilled me to my core. Absolutely stellar in every way.

— Neil Patrick Harris Actor

I can't say it loudly enough: The Mysterious Package Company makes THE BEST presents, X-mas or otherwise, imaginable.

— Chris Burnham bestselling artist of Batman Incorporated

The Mysterious Package Company, where you receive a package of physical props that form a story or puzzles ... I think the chances are good that this kind of thing will come into its own as a genre.

What I admire most about the folks at the MPC is the tactile craftsmanship and glee with which they play their role.

The crate is beautiful - I really appreciated the old mailing label, the beautiful wood burning, and the combination of craftsmanship and just enough roughness to add verisimilitude.

— Heather P. Member since 2014

I love everything that you do, and I admire you so much for making this company happen.

— Eva S. Member since 2015

I highly recommend The Mysterious Package Company to anyone who enjoys the unknown!

— Mark Meer Actor, voice of Commander Shepard, Mass Effect

The Mysterious Package Company is an organization that delivers inscrutable parcels. If you need an institution that ships obvious containers, look elsewhere.

The most fun I’ve had with mail since play by mail RPGs.

— Rob Pardo Lead designer of World of Warcraft

We are a members-only private club.

Specializing in unannounced deliveries of a strange and otherwordly nature.

  1. Membership is 100% free.
  2. The nature of our business is such that we must restrict much of our material to members only.
  3. Application does not guarantee acceptance. We reserve the right to deny membership without cause or notice.
  • More than simply random things, our stories renew a sense of wonder in all who participate.
  • Membership allows us to protect our experiences from the prying eyes of recipients.
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